We continue to innovate in order to meet our customers’ expectation and trust towards our products.

The rapid pace of urbanization especially in South East Asia and Middle East countries is expected to result in an exponential boom in the development of high rise building which translates into higher demand for more and longer busduct system in new buildings. It also opens up a growing market for addition and alteration of old buildings. Besides, conventional cable system is nowadays tremendously replaced by busduct system due to its wide range of technical advantages and flexibility as compared to the cable system.

In order to meet the high market demand and stay ahead of competition in today’s world market, Furutec Electrical continuously puts up a huge investment on the research and development for our product from time to time. Therefore, Furutec Electrical has  invested in a comprehensive range of test equipment mainly for product’s research and development such as current injector, fire testing facility, high voltage withstand tester, milivolt drop tester, power analyzer, IGSS temperature monitor system, etc that are utilized to perform our in-house testing at Furutec R&D laboratory.

Temperature Rise-Limit Test at Furutec’s R&D facility
Furutec busduct product is tested and verified in accordance to the international standards (e.g. IEC 61439-6, etc) at our R&D laboratory to prepare for our 3rd party type testing and design verification.

Fire Resistance Test at Furutec’s R&D Facility

Besides Furutec’s in-house R&D activities, we also look outwards to find new opportunities and complement our in-house capabilities. We tap into local scientific expertise and gain useful insights for future growth through technical collaborations with public universities. To better capitalize on the home grown knowledge, Furutec Electrical has entered into a technical collaboration agreement with local university to jointly research and investigate the development of new raw materials used in the manufacturing of busduct system.

Example of Case Study with Universities

With the merit from our R&D effort, our product was eventually able to be successfully type-tested and certified to IEC 61439-6 by reputable independent testing authorities. Furthermore, our product innovation and R&D have enabled us to stay ahead of competition and engineer new and better optimized product that continues to meet our customer’s expectation and trust towards our products.

Through the expansion of our R&D activities, Furutec Electrical will continue to focus on 3 key areas namely product R&D, application R&D and process R&D.