Furutec Busduct is type-tested and certified by 3rd party testing authorities.

The full product range of copper HP-ES busduct (from 400A to 6300A) is type-tested and certified by a reputable independent testing authority which is KEMA/DEKRA in compliance to IEC 61439-6.

List of Design Verification according to IEC 61439-6:

Strength of materials and parts (Clause 10.2)
Degree of protection of assemblies (Clause 10.3)
Clearances and creepage distances (Clause 10.4)
Protection against electric shock and integrity of protective circuits (Clause 10.5)
Internal electrical circuits and connections (Clause 10.7)
Terminals for external conductors (Clause 10.8)
Dielectric properties (Clause 10.9)
Verification of temperature-rise (Clause 10.10)
Short-circuit withstand strength (Clause 10.11)
Electromagnetic compatibility – EMC (Clause 10.12)
Resistance to flame-propagation (Clause 10.101)
Fire resistance in building penetrations (Clause 10.102)

Besides Furutec busduct, Furutec’s tap off unit is also type tested and verified to IEC 61439-6 namely verification of temperature-rise (Clause 10.10), Short-circuit withstand strength (Clause 10.11), thermal cycling test (Clause 10.2.102), etc.

Please contact us for more information on Furutec’s type test certification