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EITA Media News – The Busy Weeky

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Disclaimer: EITA makes no warranties or representations of any kind as to the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of any information contained in this article. The inclusion of this article does not imply any form …

FURUTEC MyHIJAU certification issued by Green Tech Malaysia Corporation

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Congratulations! Furutec Electrical Sdn Bhd has obtained MyHIJAU certification issued by Green Tech Malaysia Corporation.

MyHIJAU Mark is an official green recognition endorsed by the government of Malaysia. It is an initiative embarked …

Furutec CSR – Penang Flood 2017

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Again, Furutec Electrical in Penang took the lead in demonstrating their CSR initiative. They mobilized a team to help in cleaning up schools and houses and they also work along-side with Tzu Chi …

EITA 21st Annual General Meeting

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On Monday, 27th February 2017, EITA Resources Berhad held its

21st Annual General Meeting at Holiday Inn, Glenmarie, Shah Alam








Customer Service Excellence

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Customer Service Excellence












On 24-25 June 2016, a Group-wide training programme

called “Customer Service Excellence” was organized for

various EITA subsidiaries.










EITA Media News – Focus Malaysia

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EITA Media News – Focus Malaysia




















FURUTEC Blood Donation 2016

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Furutec Blood Donation 2016










In line with Furutec’s Corporate Social Responsibility,

on 19 May 2016, a Blood Donation Campaign was organized at Furutec Penang. 










Recycling Talk

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In line with EITA’s Recycling Campaign, on 5th May 2016,

a Recycling Talk was organized which was conducted by

Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia. 






Presentation Skills Training

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During the month of March and April 2016, 3 sessions of Presentation Skills training were conducted for staff from various levels.








Furutec Annual Dinner 2016

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Furutec Electric (Penang) celebrated their Furutec Annual Dinner 2016 with its staff on 12th March 2016. EITA Power System staff from Subang HQ and overseas EITA colleague from Indonesia and Vietnam also