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An Efficient Power Distribution System With Malaysia Innovation.

Our busduct system lets you create powerful electric distribution system without hassle.

Key Features

Furutec busduct system is borne from years of research and manufacturing experience, offering a broad range of busduct system in a variety of applications and market segments.


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Testing & Certifications

Quality is at the heart of everything we do and our product type testing & certification mark approvals form the basic of our approach.


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Research & Development

We continue to innovate in order to meet our customers’ expectation and trust towards our products.


Why Choose Furutec Busduct

• More than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and R&D of busduct system
• Offering a broad range of busduct system in a variety of applications & market segments
• Experienced in the stringent requirement of data centre
• Various degree of protection e.g. IP42, IP65, IP66, IP67 & IP68
• Compliance to IEC61439-6 and certified by KEMA/DEKRA & INTERTEK
• Compliance to UL857
• KEMA KEUR & UL Listed Certification Mark
• Fire Resistance to CNS 14286 (equivalent to JIS C8364 & JIS A1304)
• Seismic Zone 4 Protection
• Tested to higher ambient temperature
• Environmentally-friendly product certified by Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP),
Malaysia SIRIM Eco-Labeling & MyHijiau
• Transition Joint technology of connecting indoor & outdoor busduct

Recent Updates

All the latest news about Furutec.
  • Rain-water harvesting




    EITA- Rain-water harvesting







    Sharing another EITA’s Towards Eco Friendly initiative. In line with “Good Feel”  caring for Mother Earth, EITA has implemented rain-water harvesting at both our key factory sites at EITA Elevator/Bukit Raja and Furutec/Penang.…

  • MBAM CITA Award 2020











    On 9 April 2021, EITA Resources Bhd received the CITA 2020 award under the category “Special Mention for Mechanical & Electrical Contractor for Innovation in Vertical Transportation System” from Master Builders Association …

  • MBR certificate “Tallest Elevator Test Tower in Malaysia”


    MBR Certificate







    On 23 Mar 2021, Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) handed over the MBR certificate “Tallest Elevator Test Tower in Malaysia” to Mr. JS Lim (EITA Elevator Malaysia – EEM) and Mr. FS Wee (EITA-Schneider …